Hockey Equipment Then and Now

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Hockey Equipment Then and Now

It has been said that there is nothing permanent in this world and that applies to hockey.

As compared to before, the equipment and the clothing that hockey players are wearing these days as you can see from our Hockey phone cases are different from the equipment and clothing worn back in the day. As a matter of fact, only the stick and skates have remained. Nevertheless, this is a good thing for the new equipment and clothing provides the players an added level of protected as they play the said sport. In addition to that, they are also more lightweight as compared to before, allowing the player to move with ease and comfort.

Before, the sticks used are made out of wood. On the other hand, the pucks were made of either rubber balls or wood that has been cut off in order to achieve a flat surface. When it comes to protective gear, the players did no actually wear one that would serve as a protection while they are playing hockey and so, injuries have been prevalent and something that could not be prevented before. Now, players wears leg pads that makes them more confident as they enter the playing field. They also now wear a gear that protects their shoulder and back.

Knee caps where also invented as seen on some of our hockey cases. Also, as compared to the time when only bare hands are used in playing hockey, players now wear padded gloves. After that, came the introduction of helmets used in hockey, aiming to serve as a protection for the players against head injury. After all, collision and getting physical at times has always been a part of the sport.

Now, when it comes to the shoes used, before, metal strapped thin blades are attached to ordinary shoes but now, there are shoes created with blades that are specifically created for hockey. Apart from that, they also now wear athletic protector, mouth guard, padded shorts, neck guard, chest protector and shin pads as well.

More than anything else, before, the equipment and protection worn by the players are often made by the players themselves and using just any material that they can find around them but now, in some countries, players are required to have complete equipment and gear that are certified. This is one way for the organizers to ensure that the players are getting the level of protection that they need as they play the said physical sport.

See? There has been a lot of changes when it comes to the hockey gear and equipment then and now. This only goes to show that hockey is still as popular as ever. On the other hand, if you are a fan of hockey as a sport, then you spread your love for it by purchasing our transparent iphone case. We give you an assurance that it would provide the best value of your money. Place an order from us today!